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Trans Pacific Partnership trade pact (Hawaii, 8 countries)

While the actions are great looking from the outside, we need a reality check about all the governents involved and what it really means for us here at home. Firstly, these other countries are only concerned with how much their economies take away from the deal, they just see us as a potential customer.  Canada must make the world aware of its position, and that it will not comprimise it. 

Also the US delaying a key decision in the Keystone Pipeline case can only hurt North America’s energy indepedence given that China wants to tap into Canada’s oil supply and Canadian companies like that because heavy oil commands higher prices in Asia (than it does in the United States or even Canada).  The Northern Gateway Pipelines which would carry Alberta oil to Kitimat BC then be loaded onto tankers headed for Asia.  No Keystone Pipeline means China would eventually take a larger share of Canada’s oil putting US supply at risk (Canada is the largest source of US oil, Canada is also only one of a handful of countries with production growth).

Alberta’s oil sands, TransCanada’s Keystone & Enbridge’s attempt to access China

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